Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Transformation of a Burned Down Building into Art space

This is something else... Burned building turned into a Art Space, Please click here to view what is it all about and tell me what you think...

This room of carefully stacked wood wasn’t built by creative urban beavers – it’s an art installation made up of the outer timber of the surrounding crumbling house. The site is one of many houses in Detroit slated for demolition, but once this house is torn down, the wood sculpture will remain. Designed by Catie Newell and The Imagination Station, the project aims to revitalize the area with creative assemblages like this one. Read on to learn more about these Rust Belt builders (who are decidedly human) . . .

The Imagination Station is a new nonprofit whose first job is to clean up 2230 and 2236 14th street, two blighted structures on Roosevelt Park facing the epic ruins of Michigan Central Station in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. The house on the right will be renovated into a community media center using sustainable green practices. The burned out shell of the house on the left will be disposed of and its boundaries used as a public art space. Through this process, the Imagination Station aims to create a replicable model of redevelopment fueled by traditional partnerships and grant practices, as well as new social media techniques for fund-raising, storytelling, and volunteerism.

Community engagement will be an essential element every step of the way as we reclaim these properties for the benefit of our neighborhood.

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