Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pleasant Hill Cohousing Community

This is one of the assignments that we took in class. We need to find 3 cohousing projects, I have looked through some and found that Pleasant Hill Cohousing Community in California is very interesting because this project's sustainable building innovations fall into three categories:
1. Reducing occupants' energy use
2. Sustainable construction practices, and
3. Ecological and personal health.

This community has 32-unit neighborhood of clustered town houses on 2.2 acres.

Community Facts
Location: 2200 Lisa Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Households: 32
Ownership: Condominiums. Managed by the residents.
Site: 2.2 acres
Community Members: 48 adults, 21 children
Age Range: 1 month to 75 years
Common Areas: Dining room, sitting room, kids room, teen room, guest rooms, laundry room, crafts room, swimming pool, hot tub, organic garden, workshop, bike shed
Found Site: February 1999 ($1,050,000)
Began Construction: September 2000
Moved in: September - December 2001
Project Cost: $9,300,000

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  1. I think you'll find that the innovations you identify are similar to most of the 124 established cohousing neighborhoods in the U.S. Future neighbors band together to organize communities that combine private homeownership with shared common space, making it easier to live greener, higher quality lives for less. Learn more at the movement's national website,

    Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach & Cohousing California community organizer
    Planning for Sustainable Communities (Berkeley, CA)