Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boston Fusion

Christian Bay-Jorgensen from Bay Arch, an award winning architect, shared with ArchDaily website a unique and sustainable building at the harbour in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston Fusion will contain apartments and offices to create a new, green design in every sense with the help of eco-friendly materials from Icopal. This project also forms part of the plans for a new, green quarter called South Boston.

Boston in the year 2010 is an exciting and diverse city with green areas, modern skyscrapers and nice urban areas with sloping streets and town houses in the Beacon Hill district with its proud traditions.

According to Christian Bay-Jorgensen, it is important to hold on to the diversity when planning the new part of the town called South Boston in order not to end up with a dreary and uniform urban environment dominated by square boxes as often seen in big American cities. And that is exactly what he intends to achieve with Boston Fusion.

“We have designed the building as a hilly countryside on 17 floors, where the top three floors are penthouse apartments extended into the roof surface. Below the apartments are offices, caf├ęs, shops and open green squares and in addition there are sloping pathways twisting from the street level all the way to the rooftop. The idea is to create an intimate suburban idyll inside the construction and in this way develop a whole new version of the good life in an apartment house,” he says and continues:”Imagine that you step out into your own private garden on the 17th floor early in the morning and enjoy the rising sun, which reflects in the skyline and the water of the harbour. When you leave the apartment you are immediately part of the city flow – you step directly into an environment which is nice and alive – and you feel safe and sound,”

For more information and photos, please click here.

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