Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dyssekilde Ecovillage, Denmark

The original idea behind Okosamfundet Dyssekilde was to create a vegetarian, spiritual, and humane village. The people who live there have different educational backgrounds, share values like ecology and sustainability, and also a wish to live within a social community based on respect and tolerance. One communal waste station was established, which ensures the village’s waste gets sorted out in all the appropriate fractions. In the summer of 2009 a ”waste shed” was built, a 20-meter long waste station on the parking lot. In the waste shed the community sorts out the waste in more than 20 fractions. They have a waste management group, who takes care of getting the waste, and is picked up to the local recycling station.

In the waste shed the village has a recycling shop, where they can hand in clothes, shoes, toys etc. for others to take free of charge. This helps to minimize waste and ensures recycling.

Communal farming
Quite a few people in the village participate in the communal cultivation of the veggie plot, in which a few hundred Danish crowns and some 40 odd hours of labor during the cultivating season provides some fruits and veggies all year, as well as a chance to meet and socialize with veggie growers.

Personal veggie plots
In addition to the communal field, there are several small personal gardens where one is free to grow a little extra or something completely different, often these are closer to the houses.

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