Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada.

This is a paper about the presentation of Burning Man event in Black Rock City, Nevada, by Dr. Ronald E. Cossman, November, 12th, 2010.
This is a unique event, not just because people create all kinds of objects that they feel enthusiastic about, but because it’s centered on culture, passion, and belief. It allows people to get outside of their normal lives and participate in a dynamic social event and enjoy the communal celebration. Deciding how to live our lives for a limited span of time might be something that each one of us needs to do, just to free ourselves from the constraints that we have in our lives. Creating your own environment is another way to illustrate yourself to others. This event is like a place that you go to free yourself and express yourself to others, with no boundaries and no limitations. It enables you to simply do whatever you want do with your own space in the city. Of course there are some rules around the city in order to ensure a peaceful environment.
Landscape architects could think of this event as a positive environment with which people can participate. It could be an appropriate concept for a cohousing community that creates a special event once a year; an event that people use to remind themselves that one once each year, they can go out of their normal lives and participate in a special communal celebration.

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