Tuesday, November 30, 2010

General Mills Corporate Headquarters

This is another ASLA award winner. This project gave my attention when i saw the clean and organic landscape design.

The desire for this 35 acre setting was to create the illusion that the new buildings were floating within the landscape atop a motionless plane of water.

Places for employee respite and interaction, as well as large gatherings were a strong desire of the client. In response, two courtyards on two different levels were designed to act as reflections of each other and address the programmatic needs of the site. In addition the design offers the user formal and informal water features. A formal water channel moves through the outdoor dining area into a larger, more organic water body that receives stormwater runoff from the site. This new picturesque landscape is a pleasure to view from the executive offices, the pedestrian link, or the dining terrace.

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