Thursday, October 28, 2010

AUDI A9 2010: Spanish designer Daniel Garcia was inspired by Santiago Calatrava buildings...

It all started with Calatrava's design concept for the City of Arts and Sciences in Valancia, Spain. From human shape design concepts Daniel Garcia just looked at this design form and he got inspired to make a design concept of AUDI A9 2010.

"As the site is close to the sea, and Valencia is so dry, I decided to make water a major element for the whole site using it as a mirror for the architecture." Santiago Calatrava

Those are the city of arts and sciences photos... enjoy...

The design concept of AUDI A9...

The aim... To be the Greenest Museum on Earth

"Architect Renzo Piano used a textbook's worth of enviro-engineering tricks for the seven-year effort, an almost total tear down and rebuild. At $484 million, it's one of the most expensive museum projects in a century."
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The building process was achieved by using Autodesk components... please click here.

City Lounge… A public living space room...!!!

Carlos Martinez designed an outdoor living space that is covered with red carpet. Which flows all over the space creating places to relax, park within the space in the center of the city. This is a winning design competition.

The organic form and the graphic design is what really impressed me... It's just new modern ideas...

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