Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Restaurant Tusen in Ramundberget, Sweden

While i was looking for award wining projects, I found this design by Murman Architecture. It's a resturant located in Ramundberget, Sweden.

Murman have been awarded first prize in the holiday category at the world architecture festival in barcelona, for their design of restaurant tusen in ramundberget, sweden. The facade material is given by the surrounding nature, birch logs stands like a huge protecting screen towards the nordic icy winds. they used the same material for the restaurant in exterior as well as the interior.

The neighborhood BBQ restaurant is so passe and if you are truly adventurous then a stopover at the Restaurant Tusen is a must. More than the food its the architecture of the place that will satiate your palette and the whole credit goes to Swedish architectural office, Murman Arkitekter who also won in the Holiday' category at this year's World Architecture Festival, Barcelona. The striking Restaurant Tusen is part of the Ramundberget ski resort in Sweden and its futuristic form factor is no coincidence. Resembling a modern day fort, the highlight of the restaurant is its bark-covered birch tree frontage that is as hypnotic as the surreal snowy landscape behind it. The round shape is not just a whimsical decision and highlights intelligent design since it gives a panoramic view, lets the snow stay on the facade and even lets the cold winds pass!

 For more photos or information about the project, please click here.

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