Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cohousing Community Project - Starkville, MS

This is a project that i did in three weeks, focused on creating a sustainable cohousing community.

"The site is located at the Aiken Village site on the campus of MSU. The goal is to create a sustainable development that not only acts as an entry to the campus but looks at utilizing the stormwater as an amenity for the campus in terms of aesthetics and educational opportunities." Taze Fulford, Class Instructor

The concept statement is to create a natural organic form that displays sustainability in a relaxed environment with water that could integrate the totality of the site.

The design process is based on creating a cohousing community that focuses on three objects. First, residents will explore several ways to live in an ecological environment such as providing a suitable storm-water management. Second, Residents will participate in several activities to develop the community itself. Third, residents will educate the public about how this community manages their environment

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